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We can show you the very best in northern Hokkaido.

Make your dream come true

For the huge and beautiful ito
For the wild rainbow trout
You fish in the big scenery
Leave it to me for the best opportunity in Hokkaido


I will take you to him.

Fly fishing guide
Your Guide: Takahiko Chiba
Based in Nayuro, Hokkaido

My strength is the ito (taimen) fishing in the northern tip of the big island,
but I also chase big rainbow trout, white-spotted char and salmon in the sea.

For fun I fish in New Zealand, BC and Christmas Island regularly.

I also cast tournament.
I write articles for periodicals and have been featured on DVDs such as "Ito Senki" and "PREDATOR."



●Guide Fee
# of guests price

1 66,000 JP yen
(transportation, fuel and lunch inclusive)

2 99,000 JP yen
(transportation, fuel and lunch inclusive)

3 Please inquire

4 An optional 11,000 JP yen
for raft guides

■Eight hours of guiding promised. The base time frame is chosen between 05:00 am - sunset.
※The start will vary depending on the season and target.
  Plan example
   From 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
   From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
   The plan is consultation required
 ■I am the main guide, but I may bring in a support if the number of guests exceeds two.
 ■The payment is to be made in cash in JPY, on the spot.
 ■The guide fee may be increased without prior notice. Promises and agreements are honored.

●Cancellation Charge
up to 3 days before 30% of total

up to 1 day before 50% of total

Same day cancellation 100% of total

■When staying is accompanied by the guide for an expedition, please bear the actual expenses.
■If the guided trip involves lodging, I ask the clients to cover mine.
 ■Cost estimate and guiding plan will be provided beforehand.
 ■Our guides take maximum caution and care for the safety of guests, but it is their responsibility to purchase appropriate insurances. Wild Life assumes no responsibility for any damage, loss, or trouble incurred during the course of guiding. In case of automobile accidents, appropriate law and regulation apply.
 ■No guarantee is made for the weather or angling outcome.
 ■Observe laws and regulations, including local ones issued by governments or other managing bodies.
 ■Follow the directions of guides.

Reservation and Inquiry

Please fill in the boxes below.
I will try to respond within 3 days.
If I’m on the road it may take longer though!